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Anchor Arrival!

Grace, my 20for20Anchor has arrived back in Fittie! No, not back to my studio, but out on display for all to see, down at the harbour end of Footdee, beside the Silver Darling restaurant.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this anchor is one of 20 decorated anchors which from a trail around North east Scotland, Orkney and Shetland in order to raise awareness and funds for Friends of Anchor's Dream Big Initiative - for more information about the it and the trail itself, visit their website

Here's my inspiration -

"The houses at Footdee, including her own where she now has a studio, were originally built to house fisher folk who had to be relocated after the harbour was extended, in part to make way for ship building. Shelagh was inspired by the collection at Aberdeen Maritime Museum to illustrate her anchor with imagery relating to this incredible ship building heritage. The front of the anchor features an interpretation of the figurehead of the "Star of Tasmania," which is now held within the collection; the back of the anchor includes a number of illustrations of other Aberdeen built ships, maps, plans and an image of the Hall Russell & Co Shipyard Buildings. She sees the anchor as not only being an informative piece, but also a symbol of human endeavour, courage and strength. This is also reflected in the name, “Grace," named after Grace Darling, who famously participated in the rescue of survivors in the shipwreck of the "Forfarshire" in 1838"

I can't wait to see all of your anchor selfies with Grace, please feel free to sent them to me, so I can share on my Facebook Page! Also remember to post all your anchor pics on social media, using the hashtag #20for20anchor, so we all can see!

Here's me with Grace and my two biggest fans, my lovely Mum and Dad.

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