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Duthie Park - the first 4 weeks!

I cannot believe how quickly my first 4 weeks as Duthie Park's Artist In Residence has passed.

So far it has totally surpassed expectations, it's an absolutely magical, inspiring place to work, and all the community sessions have been awesome!

I've now led the 3 school classes, and a group from Alzheimers Scotland through 3 creative sessions - Week one was "Observational Drawing" in the Gardens, during week 2 they developed this drawing into a collage, and on week three they interpreted their collage in glass, in order to create a tile for using in the final mosaic. They genuinely were all such enthusiastic participants, it made the sessions a real pleasure - here's a couple of examples!

......and after firing!

250 People also created glass tiles during drop in fusing weekends - participants initially drew a flower from the gardens, and then translated this into a mini glass tile.....

......and even the Friends of Duthie Park Committee Meeting got gatecrashed too!

They did a great job!

That's the planned public glass fusing sessions over for this residency, though I may advertise more on my Facebook Page if I need more glass made - so keep your eyes peeled!

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