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Glass Mosaic Splashbacks!

In April of this year, I decided to thank my lovely mum for all her support of me over the years by creating a glass splashback for her new kitchen. The beauty of designing and making tiles yourself is that they can be any shape, so inspired by the surrounding Caithness countryside I created a series of organic shaped tiles, which when placed together create an abstract landscape. It's not of any one place in particular, but hopefully reminiscent of the wilds of Caithness!

I'm currently in the process of designing another kitchen tile piece, this time inspired by a very particular location, namely the 14th Hole of Trump International Golf Links near Aberdeen! Below is an insight into the design process so far; I initially do a loose painting of the chosen location, this is then deconstructed to determine how the piece will be constructed with separate tiles, and finally I select the colours. Once the design and colour samples are given final go ahead by the client I'll create the pieces over coming weeks, check back soon for the final reveal!

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